Are you missing out on R&D Tax Credits?

If your company has spent time or money developing innovative products, processes or services, it’s quite possible that you could be eligible for an R&D Tax Credit.

Could you make a claim?

Q: Are you a Limited Company?
Q: Are you a registered in the UK?
If so, you might be eligible.

What are R&D Tax Credits?

Research & Development Tax Credits are a government incentive to all businesses regardless of size, that allow you to claim back money spent developing new ideas or improving on old ones. You can claim a lot of different costs that are associated with researching and developing concepts and you’d be surprised at the number of different fields that can apply for this tax relief.

Watch the video. R&D Tax Credits explained (2mins)

Why Finch & Associates?

Finch & Associates’ team of tax advisers are experts in assessing and making claims for R&D Tax Credits on behalf of our clients. And unlike many specialists in this area, Finch & Associates also advises on many other areas of taxation, so we can advise you on your broader personal and business needs.

We service clients around the UK from our offices in Clevedon, Somerset, and we can advise not just on your research and development activities but also all aspects of your financial and tax affairs if required.